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retro world
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For members

When you sign up to the website, make sure to post in the introduce yourself section so you could tell the rest more about you and share your experiences too.

If you need any help or do not know where to start, just post in the Resources section.

If you have any problems that you do not want to share publically (e.g a webaddress to an illigal copy of a software) please Private Message me. (retro world)

For staff

If you would like to help out with moderating the site, you have to prove yourself that you are worthy for the job and prove to us that you are available most of the time and that you have experience in your position and not another newby wanting to take the main role.

If you want to apply for class teacher, you must write a simple game design document (available to download in the Assignments & handouts section) and send it to me (retro world) and I will get back to you if the project is worth investing time in.(I think I will accept it)

Terms and Conditions

All of the content created for any of the class projects and this site, will belong to this site and the owner of this site. You will not be the rightful owner of the content and this site will have the full permission to use and publish the work freely for commercially and open-source too. If you do not agree with this then, you may not contribute to the classes or the class.By sending file and publishing links to the file in the classes section or other section where help is asked for by the owner of the site, you agree that this site and the website owner will be the rightful owners of the content.

You will be credited for the content you have made in the publishing section of the game.

By posting on the forum you agree that you shall not post links to content that might harm the users computer or the users feelings. This could be viruses, nude pictures, political content, abuse, etc You may not harm or abuse anyone verbally or physically or any of the users hardware.

Signed by retro world (owner of this site) 16/06/2010

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